Alleged Lying at Some Colleges and Universities and Corroborating Evidence
See "The Falsified Data Crisis and the Application Process," Posted 25-Feb-2013 by Staff Writers,, We're grateful to Mitchel Fielder for bringing this article to our attention.
  • "As competition to draw in the best students has grown increasingly aggressive, many colleges and universities have turned to less than scrupulous ways to bolster their admissions and to become more attractive to students. A small but growing number have begun twisting or outright lying about data regarding SAT scores, job success after graduation, the selectivity of programs, and even the debt students may graduate from college carrying. It-s a disturbing trend . . ."

University of Toronto [8 Parts]

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University of Toronto

Part 1: University of Toronto - Birge-Carnegie Library - Emmanuel College - Annesley Hall - Trinity College.


Part 1: Trinity College - Soldiers' Tower and Stewart Observatory (SAC) - School of Graduate Studies and J. Robert S. Prichard Alumni House - University College - Gerstein Science Info Centre - Medical Sciences Building.
Part 2: Sir Daniel Wilson Residence - Soldiers' Tower - Stewart Observatory (SAC) - Hart House.
Part 3: Faculty of Law: Flavelle House - Bora Laskin Law Library - Faculty of Music: Edward Johson Building.
Part 4: Trinity College.
Part 5: Robarts Library - Fisher Rare Book Library - Ramsey Wright Laboratories.
Part 6: Munk Centre for International Studies.
Part 7: St. George Street - Knox College - Morrison Hall - Path To University College - Lash Miller Chemical Laboratories - McLennan Physical Laboratories - Earth Sciences Centre - Mining Building - Terrence Donelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research - FitzGerald Building -
Leslie L. Dan Pharmacy Building.
Ryerson University [6 Parts]

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Ryerson University: Kerr Hall South

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George Vari Engineering and
Computing Centre

Part 1: Kerr Hall South; Library Building, Kerr Hall, and Bookstore; Kerr Hall and School of Image Arts.
Part 2: South & West Kerr Hall; Recreation and Athletic Centre; Kerr Hall West; Kerr Hall East; North and West Kerr Hall; South & East Kerr Hall.
Part 3: Theatre School.; Student Apartments on Gerrard Street West; Monetary Times - Civil Engineering Building; Sally Horsfall Eaton Centre for Studies in Community Health - Eric Palin Hall - Civil Engineering Building; Architecture Building; Pitman Hall - Co-Ed Residence; Rogers Communications Centre.
Part 4: George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre; Rogers Communications Centre; Oakham House and Student Campus Centre - "Tuition Fees Are Too Damn High"; Ryerson University Campus Store; Victoria Street; Heaslip House, The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education, and Victoria Building.
Part 5: Heaslip House, The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education and Victoria Building; Kerr Hall South and School of Image Arts; Podium Connecting Library Building and Jorgenson Hall - Victoria Street - Kerr Hall West; HEIDELBERG Centre - School of Graphic Communications Management, Bond Street; School of Image Arts, Bond Street; International Learning/Living Centre; Ontario Realty Corporation: "Ontario Government Building Going Green."
Part 6: T
oronto Life Square (AMC); Eaton Centre; Ted Rogers School of Management; Ryerson University on Bay Street.
Ontario College of Arts & Design (OCAD) [1 Part]

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OCAD - "Table Top" Superstructure

Part 1: OCAD - Pixilated "Table Top" Superstructure in the Sky - Sharp Centre for Design - Canada-s "University of the Imagination."
Yale University

That's Why I Chose Yale: An Introduction to Undergraduate Life

Financing Your Yale Education , 2010-11

  • For the 2010-2011 academic year: The cost for tuition, room and board is $49,800.

  • For the hospitalization premium, the cost for 2009-2010 was $1,332; for the supplemental prescription plan, $512.