The Public Mind
People's Global Foci of Attention Derived from Rolling 1-Day, 7-Day, and 30-Day Attention Indexes (Mindranks).
Signals Hierarchy Evil Long- and Short-Term Dynamics of Select Ethics-Bankers High-Attention Signals
Time Period Top Foci of Attention
2014 1-Day 31-Dec-14 Freedom and Evil
7-Day 25-Dec-14 - 31-Dec-14 Freedom, Evil and Law
30-Day 2-Dec-14 - 31-Dec-14 Freedom, Law and Bankers
2014 1-Day 1-Jan-14 Freedom, Slavery and Free Trade
7-Day 26-Dec-13 - 1-Jan-14 Freedom and Debt
30-Day 3-Dec-13 - 1-Jan-14 Freedom, Slavery and Science
2013 1-Day 1-Jan-13 Money, Justice and Tech
7-Day 26-Dec-12 - 1-Jan-13 Tech and Capitalism
30-Day 3-Dec-12 - 1-Jan-13 Freedom
2012 1-Day 1-Jan-12 Freedom, Money, Truth, Slavery, Capitalism and Science
7-Day 26-Dec-11 - 1-Jan-12 Slavery
30-Day 3-Dec-11 - 1-Jan-12 Money, Deceit and Arithmetic
2011 1-Day 1-Jan-11 Justice, Money, Slavery and Deceit
7-Day 26-Dec-10 - 1-Jan-11 Money
30-Day 3-Dec-10 - 1-Jan-11 Truth and Arithmetic
2010 1-Day 1-Jan-10 Freedom, Arithmetic, Capitalism and Science
7-Day 26-Dec-09 - 1-Jan-10 Deceit, Arithmetic and Science
30-Day 3-Dec-09 - 1-Jan-10 Bankers and Arithmetic
2009 1-Day 1-Jan-09 Justice and Free Trade
7-Day 26-Dec-08 - 1-Jan-09 Arithmetic
30-Day 3-Dec-08 - 1-Jan-09 Capitalism
2008 1-Day 1-Jan-08 Debt, Arithmetic and Law
7-Day 26-Dec-07 - 1-Jan-08 Deceit
30-Day 3-Dec-07 - 1-Jan-08 Deceit
2007 1-Day 1-Jan-07 Good, Deceit and Law
7-Day 26-Dec-06 - 1-Jan-07 Justice and Tech
30-Day 3-Dec-06 - 1-Jan-07 Justice, Truth and Capitalism
2006 1-Day 1-Jan-06 Debt
7-Day 26-Dec-05 - 1-Jan-06 Debt, Free Trade and Capitalism
30-Day 3-Dec-05 - 1-Jan-06 Slavery, Free Trade and Law
2005 1-Day 1-Jan-05 Good and Religion
7-Day 26-Dec-04 - 1-Jan-05 Good
30-Day 3-Dec-04 - 1-Jan-05 Good
2004 1-Day 1-Jan-04 Science, Capitalism and Religion
7-Day 26-Dec-03 - 1-Jan-04 Capitalism
30-Day 3-Dec-03 - 1-Jan-04 Religion
2003 1-Day 1-Jan-03 Free Trade and Religion
7-Day 26-Dec-02 - 1-Jan-03 Good, Debt and Free Trade
30-Day 3-Dec-02 - 1-Jan-03 Good, Slavery and Debt
2002 1-Day 1-Jan-02 Evil
7-Day 26-Dec-01 - 1-Jan-02 Debt, Evil and Law
30-Day 3-Dec-01 - 1-Jan-02 Evil
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